Classroom and Outdoor Field Experience Wish List

The Fox River Academy has a wish list including the following items.  Please consider how you can best support our school.

Classroom Items:

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Notecards
  • Sharpie Markers (all sizes and colors) 
  • Storage Containers (all shapes and sizes)
  • Zip Lock Bags (all shapes and sizes) 
  • Dish Soaps
  • Books (new or used)
  • Card Stock (all sizes and colors)
  • Printer Paper (8 1⁄2 by 11 all colors) 
  • Mailing Envelopes
  • Craft Supplies 
  • Calculators
  • Non-latex Surgical Gloves 
  • Band-aids
  • Healthy Whole Food Snacks 
  • Educational DVD’s
  • Post-it Note Pads 
  • Pencils
  • ZipLoc – Style Bags
  • Aluminum Foil

Larger Items:

  • PONTOON BOAT to monitor the Fox River
  • COLD FRAME greenhouse
  • TAXIDERMIC fish, mammals, and birds
  • BIKES for 6th - 8th grade students
  • GIFT CARDS to Copps, WalMart, Menards, and Office Depot in increments of $10.00 to purchase instructional materials


Thank you for taking the time to donate supplies for our classrooms and outdoor field experiences!